From the Big Apple to the Pine Tree State – you really can go home again!

Every year a new group of faculty, staff members, and students seem to magically appear here at school. A few years ago, Ms. Sampson was one of them. She was a new English teacher here at Thornton, but certainly not new to the state of Maine.


Before she started teaching at Thornton Academy, she had
an intriguing past. For seven years, she worked in the heart New York City with less fortunate students, helping them to become extraordinary, leaving the feeling of being less fortunate behind.


“There was a lot of diversity at our school,” Sampson said. “And witnessing that first hand changed me as a teacher and as a person.”


Ms. Sampson made the move to the Bronx recognizing was how much it was out of her comfort zone.


“Before I moved, dangerous stuff was in my head,” Sampson said.  Even though she knew it was going to be a challenge, she knew she would not be able to grow as a person and a teacher without experiencing this diversity.


The program and the school where she taught had other benefits. She was able to go back to school and received an M.A. in English Literature before returning to the Bronx Academy of Letters, a small high school in the South Bronx.


After seven years teaching ESL and every English class there, she realized she needed another change, and she heard there was an opening in the English department at Thornton Academy.  She missed her family and believed she would have more room to grow back home in Maine. Her bags were packed.




The Bronx is all about the loud and powerful colors. The way in which people make

the most with what they have. It is just the opposite of what you often see on the news.


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