Running across America

Kylie Bedard SACO – Most of the students at our school travel to different cities, states, and even countries as their families vacation together.

Kylie Bedard, ’21, has used track and field and the genetic gifts of her parents to propel her across the nation as she competes in track and field at the highest levels.

“I started track when I was 5-years-old. My dad (Joe Bedard) was a national champion decathlete. So he kind of wanted me to follow in his footsteps,” Bedard said. “He ran track at the University of Virginia in Lynchburg where he was a two-time national champion.”

Bedard has competed at the national U.S. Junior Olympic Track & Field meet for the past two years. First competing while she was still in the eighth grade. Not suprisingly, her event is the pentathlon, half of her father’s decathlon.

Amy Bedard, ’91, Kylie’s mom, was the Maine state champion in the 300-meter run when she competed as a student at Thornton Academy, and like her daughter, she competed at the national level twice. Amy, Joe, and Kylie Bedard now often participate together in local 5K road races.

Track is much more of an individual sport, but you become friends with your competitors and often cheer them on. It’s just super to meet tons of new people and make lifelong friends.

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