Thornton’s man for all seasons

SACO – With 1,600 students roaming through the halls of our school, almost everyone shares a first name with someone else. The one exception might be Dominic Dadiego, or just Dom to his friends.

Dadiego has found a way to use more than just his name to stand out. He has been involved in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities during his four years and has been a leader in soccer, track, student council, and dance.

Dadiego was elected as the class president for the class of 2019 since his sophomore year.

“ To be able to participate and help organize events that student council puts on is simply amazing,”  he said.

From the time he was a sophomore, Dadiego has also been a member of TA’s dance company. To Dadiego, the movement, the activity, and the art form itself are more than just a class. But his passions didn’t stop there. He has been an active participant in TATV and moviemaking classes. In fact, he hopes to pursue these studies after he graduates.

“ Making film has been crucial to me since my freshman year,” he said.

With this apparent abundance of energy, it’s not surprising that Dadiego really enjoys the competitiveness of track and how well the team really comes together to cheer each other on. He is a member of the indoor and outdoor track teams, and he competes as a sprinter, running the 55-meter dash, the 200-meter race, and the 4×200-meter relay.


Whether it is on the dance floor, the athletic fields, or in the classroom, Dadiego loves it when the spotlight slowly swings in his direction.


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