A long and tough road for this senior captain

 SACO – When Jacob Nason was a freshman, he thought the world was his. He was the only boy in his class named to the boys varsity soccer team by the end of the season, the team had posted a 12-1-1 record.

“Ending the season with only one loss and one tie during my freshman year, just made me super excited for years to come,”  Nason said.

Nason had been playing this game for most of his life. From the time he was in the sixth grade, he’d been traveling the Seacoast Soccer Club and between the school teams, travel teams and summer leagues, his life was the soccer pitch. During his sophomore season, that all ended when he abruptly tore the labrum in his right hip. Many players would’ve given up and simply walked away. That wasn’t his style.

 “I noticed that it hurt even more after I came back during my sophomore year, but all I wanted to do was play and pushed through the pain,” Nason said.  “If possible, I wanted to hold off on the surgery until after my season. The recovery time is a 6-month recovery.”

Nason finished the season, and then had the surgery to repair his ailing hip. He hoped that after six months, and an intensive rehab schedule, the pain and the injury would be behind him.

Halfway through his junior season, playing as he always had, he reinjured his hip and the pain returned.



The doctor had said it was likely torn again. I knew with my senior year coming up, I couldn’t get the surgery and could definitely not miss out playing my last year of high school. I decided to play with the cortisone shots again. I didn’t get through much of my season with the pain I was in, but more than anything, I wanted to end on a positive note. My hip injury has taught me to overcome adversity and to be patient with anything that gets thrown at you.

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